Saturday, July 5, 2008

Nakuru with the boys!

We knew that we wanted to get one last Safari in, but also knew that our time was coming quickly to a close-so we killed two birds with one stone and spent time with great friends as we ventured into Nakuru National Park on a camping trip. The top 10 from the weekend included:

  1. Arriving 5 hours later than anticipated because of a late start, the sleeping bags that never showed up, extra stops for Nyama Choma (Roasted Meet) at roadside stands, etc.
  2. Seeing 3 lions perched on a downed tree 50 feet from the road. It couldn’t have been set up better in a zoo!
  3. Eating Roasted Meat, Chipatis, Fries and Juice around the fire…a true Kenyan bachelor’s meal
  4. Being surrounded by 1000 pound buffaloes at night in our campsite and seeing grown me scared out of their minds.
  5. Seeing tons of animals on our morning game drive…including hayinas, a male lion, buffalo galore, flamingos, rhinos, giraffe, zebra-tons of animals!
  6. Surviving a stare down from a buffalo staking his territory in the middle of the road as we tried to pass him in a van. We don’t know the whole story but saw a car flipped over on one of the roads in the park earlier in the day…enough to remind you that these animals can do some serious damage.
  7. Coming back to our campsite to find that it had been wasted by baboons…all of the tents were down, the sleeping bags dragged 100+ meters, clothes everywhere, even a poop surprise on the picnic table. These things are malicious!
  8. A visit to see some of the boys from Dagoretti 4 Kids at a boarding school close to the park. They were so happy to see all of us and perhaps more excited to enjoy our leftover food from the trip as a break from their monotonous school menu!
  9. Another Nyama Choma stop on the way home and the van overheating.
  10. Hangin’ out with good people in a gorgeous place doing something that we love. Time well spent!

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